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Hacking Ducado is like…

In fact: nothing ever matters to him.

I just wanted to hack him before I go to the outdoor arena practicing flying changes. Just working on dressage lessons is boring so we canter through the forest for half an hour and go back to the dressage grounds for 15 min. They say it´s only getting better by working on it…

Near the small biological gas plant - which some horses consider really scary at all – we met a really big lorry, which moved across the small path to unload tons of broken stones. So in 5 meters to Ducados nose the big lorry covered all the path and started to lift his loading platform to unload the broken stones with a big noise. Stones sliding down a metallic loading platform, crashing to the ground. I know that some Jazz Riders already have a thrill down their spine 😊.

The lorry lifted it´s loading platform to full height – about 6 meters – and then shaked the platform to get rid of absolutely every single stone piece. I, for my personal opinion, thought it was a monster!

Ducado? He didn´t recognize. He is absolutely not interested in things like that! He was a bit angry for being forced to halt during hacking. He thought he could have made it through the small space between Lorry and corn field. The corn is already 3 meters high in this dry summer. With more speed - half a meter is enough for a horse!

Fairy tale horses are just fabulous.

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